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Rizwan Syah Putra
Sekolah Tinggi Psikologi Yogyakarta


This study aims to determine the relationship between intrapersonal intelligence and intrinsic motivation in students . The hypothesis is the existence of a positive relationship between intrapersonal intelligence and intrinsic motivation in students . The higher the intrapersonal intelligence , the higher the intrinsic motivation . The subjects used in this study were 50 students of Department of Literature & Indonesian UNY FBS . Data collection techniques using Intrinsic Motivation Scale ( validity aitem 0.410 s / d 0.786 ; reliability of 0.925 ) and Intrapersonal Intelligence Scale ( validity aitem 0.230 s / d 0.708 ; reliability of 0.915 ) . The hypothesis was tested using correlation analysis of Pearson Product Moment . Based on the results of the data analysis , the correlation coefficient ( rxy ) of 0.359 with a significance of 0.1 ( p > 0.05 ) . The results showed that there was no significant relationship between Intrapersonal intelligence with Intrinsic Motivation . Both variables correlated but not significant . Intrapersonal intelligence to contribute effectively to the intrinsic motivation of 12.9 % .

Keywords: Intrinsic Motivation , Intrapersonal Intelligence