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Rini Eka Sari
Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta


This study aims to determine the role of compliance with safety regulations as mediators of the effect of safety climate on the tendency of employees injured at work in the production department. Subjects in this study amounted to 95 employees working on the production of PT . Dantosan Precon Perkasa . Collecting data in this study using three kinds of scales that safety climate scale , the scale of salvation regulatory compliance work and scale prone to accidents. Regression analysis showed that regulatory compliance is not acting as memediatori between climate variables with a tendency to experience salvation job accidents. There was a significant relationship between regulatory compliance and safety climate together with the tendency had an accident with sigfikansi value of 0.000 p = < 0.01 and F = 19.391 . Variable regulatory compliance and safety climate variability can explain the tendency of 28.1 % of injuredat work , while the remaining 71.9 % is explained by other variables.